Video Marketing Metrics – What Are You Measuring

How do you measure the success of your video marketing campaigns? I recently watched a video segment from the 2013 Video Summit and one of the panel speakers said something that really resonated with me, “Views aren’t engagement they are prostitution” (Video embedded below). As a marketeer we are always gauging the success of our campaigns by measuring our analytics. Visits, time on site, bounce rate, increase in followers on social networks, and ultimately conversions, but how do you measure video marketing success and is it a key component to your analytics.

When it comes to video marketing metrics there are your standard analytics but there is no real engagement metric. Now just because there is no engagement metric doesn’t mean it can’t be measured. The best way to measure engagement is to think of it as an equation. The primary variable of the equation is watch time. Your videos may have several views but if they fell off after 20 seconds was it really a success? Ultimately the secret to watch time success is marketing 101 great content.

The second variable of the equation is social. Now this encompasses a lot more then just social media it includes; subscribership, curation, and ultimately community

  • Subscribers, did your video campaign drive subscribers? Subscribers absolutely matter but not all subscribers are created equal. The key thing to identify when you are reviewing your new subscribers is are they active. Did they comment, how large is their audience, and did they promote your video.
  • Curation, did your video get embedded or added to a playlist and where? Beware though, curation can be a double edge sword depending on the curators audience. Case and point, if your video was added to’s youtube playlist then you may want to re-think your next video campaign.
  • Community, did your video generate a conversation and did you take part in the conversation. To quote one of the panel guest in the video “You can’t treat youtube like dropbox and upload 10 videos at time and forget it”. Open up commenting and respond as soon as possible in all your social channels.
    • (As a caveat to this. When you are monitoring your communities for mentions, hash tags, or comments don’t forget to monitor your actual video urls. 90% of the tweets about your video don’t mention your brand name, so you may miss an opportunity to capitalize on great conversation)

Video marketing is only going to continue to grow so it’s important to lay the ground work to measure your success now. If you liked this post subscribe to our blog and don’t forget to share.