Video Marketing for Business, Part 2: Email Marketing with Video

Video Marketing for Business, Part 2: Email Marketing with Video

At Polk Three, we’ve put together a series of 8 blog posts on Video Marketing for Businesses and how it’s conquering marketing and marketing best practices.
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With one out of four email marketers already using video and 55% of them reporting that it increased click through rates, 44% saying it increased the duration that subscribers read the email, 41% saying it increased sharing, and 24% saying it increased conversion rates (eMarketer 2013), the time is now for email marketing with video. But what can you do to increase your positive results?

  1. Make it known in the subject line that it is a video, in the hope that it will draw in the subscribers who normally would just delete the normal marketing email.

  2. Make it extremely clear where to click to play the video by adding it as an alt text of the image hyperlink with clear instructions in the email, to click here to play the video.

  3. Use a video poster image with a play button to link to your landing page.

By doing those three things, you can enhance your video email campaign and get a better return on investment, than you would on a typical email campaign. Getting them to read an open the email is only part of the battle though, how can you ensure that they get the most out of your landing pages?

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