Video Marketing for Business, Part 8: The Advantage of being in Google Video Search Results

Video Marketing for Business, Part 8: The Advantage of being in Google Video Search Results

At Polk Three, we’ve put together a series of 8 blog posts on Video Marketing for Businesses and how it’s conquering marketing and marketing best practices viagra online rezeptfrei.
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Google Video

Similar to Google Images, and Google+ Local search results, Google offers filters for users to find search results they want to see. Sure you might ask, but who actually uses them? When was the last time I used the video filter to filter search results? But the truth is, ranking in these filters is a lot more important than you think. Although the amount of users who use these filters is small, Google uses them to formulate their top rankings for normal, unfiltered search results. This is why video makes it a whole lot easier to get to the first page. It is easier to rank highly in Google’s video index and then get transplanted over to the normal search, than it is to fight for the highest ranking in the normal index with a more traditional approach. A similar example is Google+ Local. When a search term brings in Google+ Local results, the top ranking ones in Local are always given a prominent ranking in the SERPs, just as the top ranking video results are given prominent rankings in the SERPs.


Video marketing costs more than typical marketing, that much is true, but if you go into it with a plan, making sure to do research on the target market, it can go above and beyond traditional marketing efforts. The virality and attention catching aspects of video make it a great medium for marketing via social media and email. With a higher chance of being shared, you can increase your social media base each time you deploy a video campaign, granting you a greater market penetration and a greater reach on a wide base of users than a typical blog post or a typical email campaign. Although this wider base might lower your conversion rates because of increased visits to your landing page from non-target viewers, they benefit you by increasing the amount of organic links and by increasing your social media metrics, all of which are things that help you reach a greater amount of people in your target audience.

Through using the video as a main staple in your email campaign, you can increase open rates as well as click through rates, making your email campaigns more worthwhile.

Videos also add a new aspect of interactivity to your landing pages, allowing you to create unique calls to action and product demonstrations and information in a dense format that requires very little effort on the part of the consumer to both understand and comprehend, driving more people to make positive decisions on the purchase of your client’s conversion goal.

By helping in all aspects of a marketing campaign, from SEO to lead conversion, videos can provide your campaign with the potential of near infinite growth and possibility.