Video Marketing for Business, Part 3: The Importance of Sharing & its Effect on Branding

Video Marketing for Business, Part 3: The Importance of Sharing & its Effect on Branding

At Polk Three, we’ve put together a series of 8 blog posts on Video Marketing for Businesses and how it’s conquering marketing and marketing best practices.
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Just as you are more apt to go to a restaurant that your friend recommends, you are more apt to watch a video that your friend recommends. This act of recommendation has a bigger impact than just increasing the social reach of your video, it actually influences how the user perceives the video itself, in particular, the branding. When a video is recommended to somebody, they have a greater chance of enjoying the video, and when viewers enjoy videos, we see a huge jump in the effectiveness of them. When viewers were recommended a video, there was a:download Sausage Party 2016 movie now

Recommended Video Stats

These metrics aren’t just small increases and really show the importance of sharing when it comes to making or breaking a campaign. By expanding your base on social media and email subscriber lists, this success can compound upon itself if you follow it up with another great video. With a wider base, you have a larger social media penetration which can enable sharing on a wider scale than before, which in turn, increases your SERP and enhances your link building efforts as well. The essential idea is that each subsequent video increases the visibility of the next one, because of increased followings on social media. But, while this can target a broader, general audience, it cannot target a specific group as well as email marketing.

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