Understanding the Future of Media – Amplification

Understanding the Future of Media – Amplification

Jay Gierak, co-founder : Stik.com
Nathan Labenz, co-founder : Stik.com

These guys put together a great presentation and were very well rehearsed. A two person presentation always takes preparation and it was clear they did just that. But even better their content was very well done. I’m now a fan of Stik.com.

The key subject in their presentation was Social Search.

Google Search + Google Plus = Google Search Plus

Google’s traditional search is simply the single best search. And the best answer for social search is YOU. Now in organic search, Google is displaying persons face, name and their endorsement of the page.

The co-founders at Silk.com are proposing that Google is tuned into the evolutionary psychology that people have an attraction to faces. You also see this used by marketers as social proof.

They handed out some +1 facts that affect Google Search:
Social annotations provide 20-200% boost in click-thru-rates (CTR)
It is affecting search ranking, but not much
Most valuable for sites that already rank
Hacker tip: use keywords in sharing text for Google Plus.

Jay and Nathan had some insight into shared content showing up on page one of google. Nothing overwhelming, but just points brought to the forefront in your mind.
Share Fast Facts:
Any page can now be on page-one of search
Highly keyword sensitive (user generated content is now king)
Brand risk?
Staying power : shared content stays on page one approximately 49 days and counting
Cannot be used as a “gate”. In other words you can’t gate what is said and appears on page one of search.

They go on to say that the only way to win in search is figure out how you can provide social proof and moreover how you can turn familiar faces into instant credibility. An example is the biggest driver to educational institutions is social proof.

I was impressed with their presentation, but overall I only picked up a few nuggets of valuable information. The 2 biggest nuggets for me were Google Search Plus and if you already rank well in SEO then Google Plus can amplify your results with faces and social proof.