Sight Sound and Motion – Spenser Scott, OneScreen

Sight Sound and Motion – Spenser Scott, OneScreen

Sight Sound and Motion
Spenser Scott, CRO : OneScreen

Spenser was one of the top presenters at LeadsCon 2012. His message hit home on internet marketing, his statistics backed up his claims, and his delivery was engaging. He basically asked the question “why is video important to performance marketers?”download movie ARQ

Online video views are exploding.
88.6 million are watching video on the internet
ComScore states that more than 200 billion online videos were viewed globally in October 2011 alone
The average retailer that deployed video online in 2010 saw a 61% year-over-year increase in views in November 2011.

Spenser goes on to break down advertising into 3 categories:
Text – the most common form of advertising we interact with. Google was the first to introduce text ads in the form of keywords.
Images – the next form of advertising but is telling less of a story because you can only display so much text on an image. Advertisers are not telling a complete story, but simply getting your attention (aka interruption marketing). So for image based marketing advertisers are turning to “star power”. Awareness of your ad is dramatically higher when done with a celebrity (aka Beiber Fever).
Video – with video you can tell a story, show imagery, and display text. Hence the title of Spenser’s presentation “Sight Sound and Motion”.

So why video?
64% more likely to convert
6x more likely to convert browsers into a paying customer
80% of consumers will set and watch
50 times more likely to be ranked on page-one of Google
Only 24% of people read text on a page
Google: ads with video are 7x more likely to be clicked

So then you ask, how do I use video?
Video testimonials
Unique selling proposition
Elevator pitch
Product overview
Frequently asked questions
Process guide
Showcase your expertise
Staff and company introduction
How to videos

Spenser Scott ran through some very intriguing example of their use of video and web lead forms. I’m thinking he needs to connect with Sergey at to further increase his clients conversion through video. Nice job Spenser! Really enjoyed the presentation.