SEO Content Roundup | August 26, 2013

SEO Content Roundup | August 26, 2013

The world of SEO and digital marketing in general is a constantly changing environment. With new social media sites, new search algorithms, and new opportunities from a whole host of new sites, it is almost hard to keep up with all the advancements. While there are plenty of blogs out there offering tips and information on SEO, it can be hard to find the new material that can really help you hone your craft, and it is even harder to find information on the newest developments and changes that can make or break you in highly competitive markets. That is why we have decided to start a content roundup, where we can hopefully lead you to the posts and the blogs that will really help you improve yourself as a marketer or can help enlighten you to the new changes in SEO.

Video Marketing Tips for SEO

  • Vertical Measures did a great blog post on generating video content ideas for clients. You can find a transcript below the video.
  • Kiss Metrics covered how to make a great landing page for video marketing and shows us the difference in conversion rates and other marketing statistics between a bad video landing page and a good one.

Blogging and Social Media Articles

  • Both Moz and CopyBlogger posted articles related to Google+ that will give you a better idea of what to pursue when marketing your clients on Google+. Moz did research on +1s and found them to be very valuable in obtaining a higher ranking, and CopyBlogger showed how you can build and achieve online authority as a writer by means of using Google+.
  • Unbounce wrote an article about common blogging mistakes and their effects on your marketing campaigns as well as blog metrics.
  • Social Media Examiner did an article on the rapidly growing Slideshare platform and demonstrated ways it can be used to better your marketing campaigns.
  • SEO Copywriting¬†wrote a great piece on how to get your blog posts ranked in Google SERPs, using microdata, Schema, and by connecting your post with Google+ authorship.

SEO Tools

  • Raven recently updated and released a new version of their popular RavenTools SEO software. From working with the new release, they have significantly improved their past versions and introduced a newer, more modern looking UI with snappier load times, making it a more viable option for a lot of digital marketing firms.

As always, feel free to comment or share below if you think we missed a great post because we are just like YOU, always looking to be on the cutting edge of the digital marketing world.