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video marketing for businessVideo marketing has quickly become the top medium to deliver messaging for any marketing initiative or campaign. Problem is, most businesses see it as the most daunting content to create and deliver. Enter Polk Three.

We’ve built entire marketing strategies around internet video. Leverage us to navigate the complex world of online video, from conception to production to marketing.. Every business has a unique story to tell and what better way to sharethat story than through the use of vivid imagery, impactful audio, text, and motion…i.e. video. Incorporating marketing videos into your marketing mix is a great way to increase your digital footprint, share your message, highlight your company, and promote online marketing campaigns and contests; with greater conviction, emotion, and impact.

Online Video Strategy

Polk Three will work with your team to understand the goals for your video marketing and other important strategic questions, like identifying your target viewer, what type of video will best articulate your messages, and what type of action you want the viewer to take from the video. Take a look at just some of the possibilities for marketing videos:

  • Client testimonials showcasing real people
  • Events/Lifestyle Videos
  • Informative/Documentary
  • Product demonstration videos
  • Video blogs to share your knowledge and expertise
  • Case Study videos to show off the work you do for your customers

vSEO & Delivery

Video SyndicationCreating an effective marketing video is step 1. Step 2 is driving traffic to your videos. You’ve probably seen videos appearing in Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP), and with Google now giving videos preferred rankings, part of our video marketing process also includes syndication across major video sharing websites, as well as social media sites, bookmarking sites, podcast sites, news sites and relevant blog sites. Polk Three has built a consistent framework for clients to get their videos to rank on search. You want them to be video results on the SERP, where they can catch the user’s attention, rank higher, and thus increase the number of views and visitors. Well you’re in luck, because this is exactly what the Video SEO services from Polk Three does!

Video aren’t just meant for YouTube, Vimeo, Vine, and the like. The great thing about video is it can be used on web pages, blog posts, email campaigns, and more – with the potential to be a key differentiator between you and the competition. With a defined video strategy from Polk Three, we’ll build a video library that turns your website into a traffic magnet, improves overall engagement, and helps position your business as a true thought leader in your respected industry.

Aside from being more engaging, video has also proven to increase email open rates by as much as 25%. By including video as part of your email marketing campaign, you’re increasing the amplifying the opportunity for engagement by delivering a more powerful message, ultimately increasing your conversion rate for new leads.
Check out some of the features and optimization services of Video SEO from Polk Three:

  • Video titles that align with your keyword phrase targets
  • Tagging and categorizing
  • Carefully crafted and keyword optimized descriptions
  • Video transcripts and re-purposing of the transcripts
  • Automatic XML Video Sitemap generation (adding on to the WordPress SEO XML Sitemaps)
  • MediaRSS enhancements to your RSS feed
  • Full support for videoObject markup
  • Snippet previews with the actual video still in them
  • Facebook OpenGraph tags on your video pages
  • Support for many major video platforms, including Youtube, Vimeo, Blip, DailyMotion and others

Video marketing can be complex and time consuming to manage, with video libraries, sitemaps, tagging, optimization, vSEO, cloud hosting, syndication, analytics, transcripts, streaming, and more.But Polk Three brings an expertise to video marketing that delivers measurable results. Learn more about how how Polk Three can build and execute on an effective video strategy for your business!  Contact us