Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Polk Three does SEO and link building like no other firm. We have a team of link building specialists that make direct contact – via email, social media, and even phone – with your back link prospects. That’s right, real people with expertise, professionalism, and integrity that our clients can trust to professionally represent their business and engage with their back link prospects. This ensures that the most valuable content relevant to your company – back links, shares, retweets, comments, mentions, likes, and more – is being properly utilized to your benefit, from a team dedicated to the highest level of Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Our client relationships are built on trust and integrity, and our clients entrust us to reach out to the internet community on behalf of their brand. We take that responsibility seriously. SEO isn’t outsourcing on the cheap to get low-quality back links that will ultimately damage your website’s domain equity. Everything we build at Polk Three is within the guidelines of Google’s search index, resulting in a better long-term result for our clients. We go to great lengths to manage SEO contacts (name, email, phone, social profiles, etc.), campaigns, prospect outreach, written communication with prospects, social signals, hashtags and hashtag research, training of our SEO specialists, social signals, and well beyond.

Polk Three SEO begins with a full website audit and on-site optimization. But that’s just the beginning. We’ll clean up existing back links that require improved anchor text and formatting, but most important we establish contacts within our SEO CRM tool to engage the most valued link prospects. We work tirelessly to engage those contacts with white glove treatment that will gain the valuable back links to your website. Teams at Polk Three work with you to build premium content. Premium content is what gets shared, whether it be a blog article, marketing collateral document, video, tweet, Facebook post, Instagram photo or webinar. All this adds up to off-site optimization done right.

In the end, your business will see the results and fully transparent reporting on the SEO campaigns.

Polk Three provides a comprehensive SEO program that not only focuses on results but opportunities to expand your online presence which include: