Lead Generations Broken Model – Sergey Sundukovskiy

Lead Generations Broken Model – Sergey Sundukovskiy

Sergey Sundukovskiy, CIO – Cinsay

Sergey delivered a remarkable presentation and is without a doubt the most intelligent person I’ve ever met. His mind thinks in models, statistics, and processes. In one conversation with him you will be impressed with how well formulated his mind really is.

He puts lead generation into the 3 P’s:
Promotion : the ad
Place : the portal or destination site
Product : the lead form

The broken model of lead generation centers around why the 3 P’s are broken. Just to touch on a few, promotion is rarely closed-loop where you can track the lead from an initial consumer engagement to the sale of an item. But even worse off, the promotions only have a 1-3% close rate. The Place is rarely interactive, but instead cumbersome to find what you want. And finally the Product (lead form) is not impulse centric, is largely static, and many times disconnected from the promotion.

At Cinsay they tie the product, place, and promotion together with video lead generation. Video enabled lead generation is where the lead form accompanies the video on any portal or platform. The promotion then guides users to the place where they are met with the product in a video format which also carries with it the lead form. This means the lead generation form goes wherever the video goes.

Did you know that 42% of all YouTube video views are from Facebook? Then why are lead generators and retailers not converting right then and there? Because the portal does not allow for a lead form next to the video. Why not convert the lead from right within the video player? Cinsay does just this!

Sergey went on to say that embedding lead forms within your video allow the player to go to any portal and convert leads. He takes it further to call it social lead generation. So the lead form is not fixed to any one destination. Thereby creating a social media ROI. Genius!

I was a big fan of Sergey’s presentation simply because it just made so much sense, and talking with him you’d understand why his presentation was so logical. Do learn more about video lead generation check out Cinsay viagra in polen kaufen.com.