About Us

Polk Three Marketing:

We love to talk about Key Performance Indicators

Polk Three believes in playing to win. We focus on combining the marketing process with your sales process to create result driven success that has a long term ROI. We believe that success is the result of experience, open communication, data driven marketing, and dedication to building your business.

Attract. Convert. Close.

We break the conventional marketing model of pushing media at your target audience which alienates your ever-changing customer. Instead we work to attract prospects through earned media channels which is most widely known as inbound marketing. This strategy is a model that drives prospects to you that have grown to identify with your brand, in turn delivering a much more qualified prospect into the sales pipeline.

Every company reaches a threshold where they know their business must grow or it will fail, but you just don’t understand how to move forward. We start with assessing your business and creating a go-to-market strategy that promotes growth and engages your customers through thoughtful engaging marketing.